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“DecoraSão” is a Portuguese Luxury Art Brand by The artist São Pacheco. The artist, originally from a small village in the District of Leiria, Portugal, primarily creates ceramic installations and art pieces using varied materials to subversively depict various iconic cultural features from major cities all around the world. As a self-taught and renowned artist, and without the traditional academically driven art classes, she always strove to pursue an individual methodology. Ever since she can think of she always loved painting. Her oldest work goes back to 1970 when she started painting her first ceramic pots and stones. During the early 90s, the artist would showcase several times a year, selling all her pieces within the hour, but decided to take some time off during the early 2000s to dedicate time to her family and other projects. During the 2020 pandemic “DecoraSão” was brought back to life to ignite that extra spark, and bring an edgy and colorful life into worldwide homes.



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